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Senate 2012


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I think I want to marry you. :lol:

Just took a first look at it without completing even one turn, but the first impressions: GOPers are way too strong. Especially OH and MI are nowhere near where the scenario suggests they are.

But it is amazing(!) to see that someone finally started a working Senate 2012 campaign. I'm very eager for the next releases!

May I suggest using the RCP average numbers for the candidates as of today, since the campaign starts around September 1st?

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The numbers indeed dont fit, its because I mass-copied in percentages.xml

Its indeed a good option, though with some races polls are so far back that I honestly dont know why they still take them into account. July-August averages okay, May-August averages = less okay.

I'm first going to fix the pops in the "off-year races" the variable off-year does not shut down voting on election day apparently.

I also kinda forgot what party_majority refers to. Is it the number of housies in that state? Or the state legislature?

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Zomg, as I was about to adjust the polling myself. :D

Thank you, I'll immediately take a look at it.


Things I found:

- Hoekstra is listed as as incumbent in MI

- Polls in NJ are a bit off

- some minor things like strenghts of some candidates

It was a quite challenging scenario with weird things happening: Both AZ and IN went heavily for the Democrats, even though I invested quite heavily there ...

Overall: Awesome! :)

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So far I spotted (mentioned) errors in Connecticut, Michigan, Texas and New Jersey.

I havent seen Indiana do anything weird, but AZ doesnt even start as it is set up so that will take a deep long look.

In a few hours, I'll give the corrections.

Further I cant deny its challenging, I couldnt win the 2010 scenario as either party in the first few days I finished it, while I do tend to win other 270soft games by large margins on hard.

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