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I want to make a political division in 8 political parties:

-UCD: directed by adolfo Suárez. 34% of the votes

-PSOE: led by felipe González, although I will also get to Alfonso Guerra. 30% of the votes.

-UI: directed by Santiago carrillo, 15% of the votes

-AP: directed by manuel fraga, 9% of the votes

-CIU: led by jordi pujol, 3% in the whole of Spain, only occurs in Catalonia

-PNV: directed by javier arzalluz, 2% in the whole of Spain only occurs in the country Basque

-PA: directed by javier rojas marcos, 2% in the whole of Spain , only occurs in Andalusia

-HB: directed by francisco letamendia, 2% in the whole of Spain only occurs in the country Basque

-ERC: directed by heribert Barrera, 1% in the whole of Spain, only occurs in Catalonia.


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Spain is divided into 17 autonomous (two are autonomous cities) and other 15 communities autonomy.Spain has a Congress of 350 seats and splits of this way :

ceuta: 1 escano

melilla: 1 escano

andalucia: 59 escanos

extremadura: 12 escanos

canarias: 13 escanos

castilla la mancha: 21 escanos

madrid: 32 escanos

region of murcia: 8 escanos

Valencia comunity: 29 escanos

aragon: 14 escanos

catalonia: 47 escanos

Balearic islands: 6 escanos

castilla y León: 35 escanos

galicia: 27 escanos

la rioja : 4 escanos

cantabria: 5 escanos

asturias: 10 escanos

navarra: 5 escanos

Basque country escanos 21 escanos

people with right to vote: 26900000 individuals.

participation: 68.5%

people who participated in the 18300000 vote




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