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Another overlooked aspect is absentee ballotts and mail-in ballotts. Currently, Oregon is the only state that votes completely by mail-in ballott. Some states recieve their absentee ballotts after its live-in citizens have all ready voted, then add them to the total (usually this doesn't affect the outcome).

However, let's look at some of the fun/havoc we can create with mail-in ballotts:

Overseas ballotts:

Tourists and citizens living overseas are being targeted with a "get out the vote" campaign in this election. In close elections, this demographic should effect the outcome in some states. Politically, these voters should be a grab bag for the parties.

Overseas voter political leanings: mixed, reflecting national trends and changing with them

Military ballotts:

Members of the military overseas or in other states are still residents of the last state they resided in; thus able to vote there. In close elections, the military votes may make the Republican or a Democrat strong on the military win the state.

Military voter political leanings: right leaning

In-country absentee voters:

This voter could be anyone from a businessman in town for a convention to a snowbirder in Arizona for the winter. Also a few of these could be people that prefer to vote by mail in their home instead of going out to a polling place. These voters would have an impact similar to overseas voters.

Legal issues:

Should there be a close vote, like 2000, a candidate should be able to challenge absentee votes in close states and attempt to have them thrown out in court (Gore tried this in 2000). There should be some sort of consequence for this, likely a reduction in score.

Oregon vote-by-mail:

Should work just like an election held at a polling place, except by mail. We recieve our ballotts in the mail and send them out by a deadline before the election. Results are revealed on election night once the votes are counted (the current time results are shown in P4E will do). Signifigant issues during the 2000 election were raised by both campaigns and candidates should be able to easily obtain recounts (see other posts in this forum for recount topics) without penalty. Oregon's system is sometimes controversial. Depends upon who's claiming it benefits them and who's screaming that it's fraud-prone (usually someone who feels it cheats them in some way).

Quick addition (almost forgot):

Election night results should display absentee votes seperately, perhaps after the regular votes have come in. Whatever change in results occurs should also be shown. This way you know what to challenge in court and what to ask for a recount on. You should be able to recount absentee votes seperately or with the regular votes.

It probably goes without saying, but these results should be displayed on election night's sequence. Preferably after the main results are in to simulate the time that it takes to recieve absentee votes.

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I like the idea of getting overseas, miltary, & absentee voting in the game as it makes sense to make realistic as possible. Put these "extra" votes in () on a seperate screen following election night. (If nesscary) Say 3 days later, count them up & (extra votes) in that state's borders & have the full vote total in a tight close election or close in a partitular state, say Florida, Ohio, or Iowa for example. Making every vote COUNT is key!

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