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1994: Kennedy vs Romney

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Hi there,

Since the 2016 President Romney scenario is almost complete, I have decided to begin working on my next scenario. Due to the Scenarios forum being void of a "Massachusetts 2010 Senate", I am going to be building a scenario reflecting this campaign.

Here is my list of candidates that I've accumulated so far. Please help and contribute in ideas for challengers and other candidates:


Martha Coakley

Deval Patrick (OFF)

Victoria Kennedy (OFF)

Barney Frank (OFF)


Scott Brown

Mitt Romney (OFF)

William Weld (OFF)

Submit your ideas and thoughts! :D


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Well, all I can say is, "Oops" to the title. :blink:

I'm doing the 2010 election and will post it on the 270soft scenarios forum where such a scenario is absent.

First of all, it is the 2010 election you are doing (as your post suggests)? Or the 1994 election (as your title suggests)? :P

Second, a 2010 scenario has been created:



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