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German Riechstag 1871


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Another possible scenario I may do for C4E is a German Riechstag 1871 scenario. Why C4E for such a thing. Because, unlike the post WW1 Riechstag (and certainly unlike the post-WW2 Bundestag), the pre-WW1 Riechstag was FPTP, it didn't actually produce the Chancellor or Cabinet or have any other such position contested in it's ranks (the Chancellor and his Ministers were appointed directly by the Kaiser, usially from prominent gentry), it had only four parties, which (however unfortunate) happens to be the maximum in C4E, none of which had firm in-chamber leaders, and it's meant to function for a federally divided nation. This project, however, is only being toyed with, and I'll want to finish United States Senate 2006 and 1994, Wisconsin State Senate 2010 (and possibly recall 2011), and a hypothetical Canadian Senate 2014 first. However, I do have a degree of info on this topic from an old 1949 Americana Encyclopedia that goes into significant detail on this election, and it was Central Europe's first real experiment in democracy. Let me know what you think!

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