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Here's a possible list of issues for a 1996 Russian scenario:

Abkhazia-North Ossetia
CIS Relations
Human Rights
Law and Order
Regional Autonomy
Western Relations

Candidates (and their party, or lack thereof) will be:

-Boris Yeltsin (Independent)

-Gennady Zyuganov (Communist)

-Alexander Lebed (Congress of Russian Communities)

-Grigory Yavlinsky (Yabloko)

-Vladimir Zhironovsky (Liberal Democratic)

-Svyatoslav Fydorov (Worker's Self Rule)

-Mikhail Gorbachev (Independent)

-Martin Shakkum (Independent)

-Yuri Vlasov (Independent)

-Vladimir Bryntsalov (Russian Socialist)

-Aman Tuleyev (Independent) (Off-by-default)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this one?

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I've been working a bit on a Russia 2012 scenario. I'm about two-thirds through the Federal Subjects, (equivalent to states or provinces), all 83 of them, and only currently have place-holder issues.

Thanks! Other than the protests, which would target Putin, any word on any other notable or even hypothetical events?

Update: issues, political units, and ads (including the house rule on human players other than United Russia using televison ads) are done, and I'm almost done the United Russia Party/Vladimir Putin (

BTW, for those who want a copy of Russia 2012, or whose copy is the last one I issued, I'm going to finish this scenario first, adding an Arctic Expansion issue icon, regionalism, the protests event, and endorsers, and then post it on the official theoryspark scenario archives.

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First post in March - almost one week into the month. What's happening to this community...

Anyways, I've expanded my plans to actually do all six Russian presidential elections to date, in finished form, though 2004 may be even tougher to win for Putin's rivals than 2012, it'll make a complete set. After that, I plan on Egypt 2012, and then some more of my early US elections. Just a bit of an update on what I'm doing.

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Some of us are still around! I'm still working on scenarios even if it's slow going, and I've been getting some behind-the-scenes help from Caper08 in the form of some information. I've got Canada 1993 and Australia 2004 in the works right now.

BTW, I don't know if this is at all helpful regarding your Russian scenarios, but about a year and a half ago, I spent about 2 weeks in Saint Petersburg. Even with my limited knowledge of Russian politics, I knew more about it than any of the Russians I spoke with about it, with one exception. Many of them, even those who were opposed to Putin couldn't name any opposition parties other than the Communists, and even if they could, they couldn't tell you anything about their positions. There is a large degree of apathy among those opposed to Putin as well, because they were pretty much resigned that there was nothing that could be done anyway, because he'd do whatever was necessary to "win."

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Any news on Russia 2012 scenario yet? If it's already out?

I plan to resume work on it shortly. I just need to finish regional issue centers, then events (moslty the protests), then endorsers (I've found little hard data on this, so if anyone can make a suggestion). After Russian Presidential 2012 has been released, I plan an ambitious project of every Russian election, starting secondly with the Russian State Duma 2011 and (ideally) moving all the way back to the First State Duma of 1906. I also have a sneaky and ambitious way of working one-party Soviet elections that involves the historically present "against" vote for candidates, but I'll have more on that later.

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