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Ceredigion Local Election Scenario

Harry Hayfield

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I will be standing in the local elections for the Ceredigion County Council for the Liberal Democrats and would like to know if I may be permitted to create a scenario for that election for Prime Minister Forver for the UK. I can provide the background information if someone would be so kind as to do the actual creation for me.

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Of course, anybody is welcome (and encouraged) to do what they like as a scenario! We have already a Wales scenario for the 2007 election for Chancellor Forever.

Thank you very much indeed. As I said, I am not a complete expert on how to create one, so if no one has any huge objections I shall outline the basics (party leaders and news events during the campaign) as well as candidates in seats and hope that someone will be able to make something useful of it

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Group Leaders on Ceredigion

Independents: Cllr. Keith Evans (Llandysul Town)

Liberal Democrats: Cllr. Ceredig Davies (Aberystwyth Central)

Plaid Cymru: Cllr. Ellen ap Gwynn (Ceulanamaesmawr)

Labour: Cllr. Hag Harries (Lampeter)

Party Leaders without Councillors

Conservatives: Mark Mainwaring

Greens: Leila Kiersch

Timetable of Events

April 2nd 2012: Election Begins, Ed Milliband launches Labour campaign in Birmingham.

April 3rd 2012: Nick Clegg launches Lib Dem campaign, Snow in Scotland after warmest March on record, Accident shuts down main highway in county for over six hours.

April 4th 2012: Nominations Close, Conservatives field record number of candidates, Plaid councillor stands as Independent in Rheidol ward

April 5th 2012: Conservatives launch local election campaign in Wales, Facebook to list on NASDAQ marketsite, Sky News Editor to stand down over hacking claims

April 6th 2012: Good Friday (no campaigning)

April 7th 2012: Protestor disrupts Boat Race

April 8th 2012: Easter Sunday (no campaigning)

April 9th 2012: Bank Holiday Monday (no campaigning)

April 10th 2012: Nominations published across Wales, Greens fielding no candidates in Ceredigion

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