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United States 2012 - UK Style

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A new scenario I created. Download from here:


Party descriptions:


Social Democratic. Mostly left-of-center on both economic and social issues, although it does have a socially conservative wing (consisting of people such as Ben Nelson and Zell Miller), as well as a radical left-wing (that includes Dennis Kucinich, Barney Frank, etc).


Generally economically conservative and socially moderate. Includes a liberal "One Nation" wing (Jon Huntsman, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, etc), a Reaganite wing (Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, etc) as well as many politicians who appeal to both wings (Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, etc).

Liberal Democrats:

Socially liberal and economically moderate.

American National Party:

Socially conservative and quite mixed on economic issues.

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Great scenario, challenging but not too challenging.

I played as Buchanan and the ANP, I had a foothold in the south and mountain west, and I ran ads in these areas. I fundraised like crazy and at one point had arond 75 EV's. On election day, Romney and Obama were in a dead EV heat, with me receiving 0 thanks to ties in states I had previously been winning. End result:


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There will probably be another update soon, with more candidates, more updated candidate images, etc. The Lib Dems and the ANP could really do with some more candidates. Any suggestions? I think Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer would be interesting editions for the former, and Jim DeMint, Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann for the latter.

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