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  • 2 weeks later...

I sent my files to GOP Progressive, so he could implement the possible PR workaround. Waiting for a response on that.

I'm going to work on that tonight, when I have some free time (and I'll do a little now as well). The ridings, primary secondary conversions, and electorate trends are what needs to be fixed, along with the party financing.

Out of curiosity, where did you get the results by region?

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I didn't, I just jotted some numbers down from my head.

The election results can be found here:


The regions are in the column to the left, ending with "län" (=county). Some are named differently in the scenario:

Stockholms kommun = Stockholm City

Stockholms län = Stockholm North + South - similar results, though right-wing parties slightly stronger in Stockholm North

Skåne läns norra och östra = Skåne NE

Skåne läns västra = Skåne NW

Västra Götalands läns västra = Bohuslän

Tell me if you have trouble understanding anything.

Polls looked similar to the end results in June. Overstate the Moderates and Greens a little, understate the Social Democrats and Sweden Democrats a little.

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Reposting from PM:

The problem with the Chancellor Forever engine is that it doesn't support proportional representation, which Sweden uses. Whether I have MMP on or not, I'll have to deal with the ridings, which don't represent how the Swedish system works at all. It's very hard to translate it, and I want my scenario to be as accurate as possible. That's why I sent it to GOP Progressive to look at it. S/he's probably very busy, as am I, and won't have time for much work on it. So it's currently on hold until he gets back to me. I am working on President Forever 2008 and 2012 stuff in the background - we'll see what comes. ;)

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