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New Jersey Gubernatorial 2013

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I know I just did a Jersey scenario, but that one was really more of a practice for this one.


In 2009, Chris Christie ousted Governor Jon Corzine and put New Jersey back in Republican hands. 4 years have passed, and New Jersey stands sharply divided. With a wide variety of Democratic challengers to the popular one-term Governor, who will his challenger be? More importantly, who will govern the Garden State in 2014?


-Governor Chris Christie

-Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno (off)

-State Senator Jennifer Beck (off)

-Congressman Chris Smith (off)


-Mayor Cory Booker

-State Senator Barbara Buono

-State Senator Dick Codey

-Party Chair John Wisniewski

-Speaker Sheila Oliver

-Majority Leader Lou Greenwald

-Majority Leader Joe Cryan (former)

-Congressman Rob Andrews

-County Executive Joe DiVincenzo

-Mayor Chris Bollwage

-Director Lisa Jackson

-Governor Jon Corzine (off)

-Congressman Rush Holt (off)

-Senator Bob Menendez (off)

-Senator Bill Bradley (off)


-Chris Daggett

-Bruce Springsteen (off)- in a PPP Poll in July '11, Springsteen tied Christie in the polls 42-42. I don't think he'd run on either party's ticket.

What I still need:

-Democratic Lt. Gov Candidates

-New issues

-Updated poll numbers by county

-Preferably more democratic candidates

This is a work in progress and I can't send it out yet, as it's still identical in all but name to the 2012 Senate scenario. Stay tuned!


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