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Whats the best you've done with a really weak candidate?


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For example, how well did you do with players like Dennis Kucinich or Al Sharpton without modifying anything?

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Carol Braun: Came in 2nd in Iowa, 3rd in New Hampshire, won two states on Super Tuesday, and won Illinois.

Fred Thompson: Won the nomination.

Tom Tancredo: Won Iowa, 2nd in Colorado, won Connecticut.

Tommy Thompson: 2nd in Iowa, 2nd in New Hampshire, 2nd in South Carolina, won Wisconsin.

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just redid tommy thompson:

1st in...




2nd in...










3rd in...




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I'm not sure if he's considered 'weak' but I came in second in the primaries in 2008 with Edwards and managed to continue as Hillary's veep.

i'd say edwards, in 2008, is pretty hard to play. edwards in 2004...not so much :P

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I managed to win the Presidency once with Bachmann, but it was only after winning Iowa and getting the endorsements of the other conservatives left in the race. So it doesn't really count. On my own though, I managed to win quite a few primaries with Bachmann in a different game (only people like Johnson and Hunstman and Santorum had dropped out). I'm pretty pleased with myself.


Perry kept getting momentum shifts. Meanwhile, I got virtually nothing off double wins in New Hampshire and Iowa (I guess because the results were so close). I mostly barnstormed on leadership, War on Terror, and Military Intervention (I think... I did this some time ago... I just remember I used the only "+1s" for Bachmann in Iowa and NH). I'd tried in other games to win Iowa and South Carolina, but I was finding that whatever little momentum I'd get in Iowa would be long gone by the time SC came around. My strategy for Iowa and New Hampshire basically relied on winning debates and getting last-minute endorsements.

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In the Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2011 game (which is actually ridiculously easy, even on the hardest mode [so easy it gets to the point where I am able to win over 97% of the seats on the hardest difficulty - granted, it is with the strongest party], perhaps this needs to be fixed) on easy mode I managed to form government with the Green Party of Canada which historically has never reached 10% of the vote and has failed to win a single seat every contested election except the last one where the leader managed to win their only seat.

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I managed to win the nomination as Paul in the 2012 scenario bundled with the 2008 version. Romney was disabled. Cain managed, despite the scandal, to get over 900 delegates before fizzling; Paul managed to snag around 200 delegates as he fizzled, but Cain had a comeback before sinking again. Gingrich endorsed Perry, which put Perry even with Cain; I had around 300 delegates. Cain's momentum, however, was crap, and the few wins I managed to squeeze in gave me enough to score his endorsement a couple weeks before convention. A few weeks into general election season and I have just 15-16%.

Came close to winning primaries in 2008 as Russ Feingold.

As Nader in 2004 I managed to actually win Arkansas and around 11% of the popular vote. Came close to winning Montana as well.

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