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New Jersey Senate 2012

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Today, I created a scenario to simulate this year's senatorial election in 2012. It's based off of Zion's stellar 2009 Gubernatorial Scenario. I'll send it to anyone who wants it, I need some feedback.


Democratic Candidates:

-Senator Robert Menendez (incumbent)

-Ms. Gwen Diakos

-Mayor Cory Booker (off)

-Governor Jon Corzine (off)

Republican Candidates:

-State Senator Joseph Kyrillos

-Mayor Anna Little

-State Senator Jennifer Beck

-Port Authority Deputy Director & State Senator Bill Baroni

-Mr. Woody Johnson (off)

-Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno (off)

-Mr. Lou Dobbs (off)

-Congressman Chris Smith (off)

-State Senator Thomas Kean Jr. (off)

-Governor Chris Christie (off)

Socialist USA Candiates:

-Greg Pason

Independent Candidates:

-Gavin Bard

Starting Maps:

-General Election (Primary Start)


-GOP Primaries (main candidates)


-Democratic Primaries (main candidates)


-General Election (all candidates)


-GOP Primaries (all candidates)


-Democratic Primaries (all candidates)


Suggestions and Feedback would be appreciated!


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with corzine's scandals that's hard to believe

The scenario was sent to all who asked for it.

And also I account for Corzine's scandals, he has an integrity of 1.

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