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Four Custom Map Request


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I'm posting this thread on both the Presidential and Canadian PM forums in hopes of getting a larger audience. First off, my map-making skills suck. I need four maps for upcoming scenarios that don't exist as far as I know. First, I need a map of Africa, minus the Arab League nations in the north (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, the Western Sahara, Mauritania, and Northern Sudan) with each nation as a single region and none subdivided, regardless of size or population, and including the new nation of Southern Sudan. Second, I need a map of the fourteen Arab League members (including Syria, despite its temporary suspension), each as a single region, as well as Western Sahara, West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights, each also as a region (with maybe the last three in an inset). And thrid and fourth, maps of Brazil and India with each state and territory as a region, and maybe each of their federal distrcts in an inset. I'd greatly appreciate anyone who could make any or all of these maps. Thanks in advance!

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