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Release: President Forever 2012 Alpha v. 1.0.1

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I tried it out, playing as both Obama and Romney. It was an awesome game and holds a lot of promise.

One problem I saw was the debate and issue familiarity. The day before the debate, Romney had a 4 (15 out of 100) in debating and a 4 (5 out of a hundred) in IF. Obama meanwhile had only a 2 in debating (83 out of 100) and an IF of 4 (50 out of 100). Based off those statistics, Romney should have won the debate. Instead, it said obama won, despite being vastly underprepared in argumentation abilities.

Otherwise, a great game!

See here.

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It worked good for me, though I only played through once.

Here are some minor problems I noticed. On election night, when you double click a state, it doesn't show the candidate names just their party. Also, for most of my states, they only reported 80%, though it looked like all the results were in.

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What is your locale (U.S., Canada, Europe, and so on)?


Thank you very much for this quick(!) fix! The game starts, I'll post my experiences later.

EDIT: Played an entire election, worked quite well. One thing I am missing is the feature that states are getting called. Otherwise it looks great.

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Getting some strange results w/ the latest version (1.0.2). I played as Mitt Romney, space-barred through the whole election, didn't so much as lift a finger, and still won the popular vote 51.7% - 48.3%. But even weirder, I LOST the electoral college vote, and thus the election, by a whopping 331-207. Very, very unlikely. Not even sure it's possible.

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