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Arizona Senate 2014 - Special Election

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This is a work in progress, but I've come up with a 2014 Special election for the recently deceased John McCain's Arizona senate seat, featuring the biggest names in Arizona politics, as well as one notable carpetbagger. Any suggestions/recommendations for how to make this scenario better are welcome. Please leave your email if you're interested. PS - the scenario platform is based off of Arizona Senate 2010 by Rz9392. I used his maps and 2 of his Democratic candidates. The rest, including the candidates individual election percentages, has been altered. Brandon

(below are the primaries description, general election description, and particular candidate descriptions)

Primaries introduction:

Following his failed Presidential campaign in 2008, John McCain was forced immediately into a tough Senate race in 2010, facing a GOP primary challenge from the right. In the end, he won the general by a whopping 59-35 margin. But his untimely death on July 4th weekend in 2014 led the AZ GOP scrambling for his replacement to run in the upcoming special election. Will local names rule, or can a big-name outsider take the state GOP's reins?

General Election Introduction

Though the state grieved over beloved fmr. Sen. John McCain's death, the race was by no means considered an automatic pick-up for the Republicans, despite some of the big names running on their side. Democrats were also successsful attracting big-name attention to their race, most notably recently recovered fmr.Congress-woman Gabrielle Giffords (famous for having been shot by a deranged man during a campaign event in January 2011).

Candidate Descriptions

Gabrielle Giffords (D) - Gabrielle Giffords is was elected to Arizona's 8th Congressional District in 2006, where she served until she was nearly fatally shot in Jan. 2011 by a crazed gunman during a rally in her native Tuscon. The wounds left her partially disabled, and she retired from Congress in Jan. 2012. But following extensive rehab, she's giving a go at her 1st statewide race. Can her newfound universal name recognition and superstar status lead to victory?

Jan Brewer ® - Gov. Jan Brewer surprised many when she announced, following the unexpected death of Sen. McCain, that she would be a Republican contender for the Senate nomination. The aging Gov. would be 70 if she were elected in Nov., and her state-wide reputation, while still fair, had fallen from their lofty highs following her signing of SB1070 in April 2010. Will her strong Tea Party support push her over the edge against other well-known AZ politicians?

Sarah Palin ® - Sarah Palin sparked intense rumors when her and her husband Todd purchased property in Scottsdale, AZ in early 2011. Many speculated it was the first step in her move to run for the presidency in 2012. Alas, a presidential run for Palin that yr was not meant to be. But few expected she would throw her name in the ring when her former mentor and running mate, McCain, died from a heart attack in the summer of 2014. Can the carpetbagger succeed?

Jeff Flake ® - Congressman Jeff Flake represented Arizona's 6th District from 2000-2012, when he declined to seek reelection to run for retiring Sen. Jon Kyl's Senate seat. He lost that election in a tight battle against former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona, 51-49%. Many GOPers blamed Flake's moderate social views and maverick stances against the Party for his '12 Senate loss. Can he stage a comeback in the surprise special election for Sen McCain's seat?

Janet Napolitano (D) - Janet Napolitano was the 21st Governor of Arizona from 2003 to 2009. After being asked by President Obama to serve as Homeland Security Secretary in '09, she stepped down from the Governorship. But in the wake of her state's tragic loss of beloved Sen. John McCain, she has decided to seek her old office in an attempt to put the long held GOP seat in Democratic hands. Which woman do AZ Democrats love more? Janet or Gabby? The primaries will tell.

Terry Goddard (D) - Former State Atty General Terry Goddard is a long-time Arizona politician, having gotten his start as the Mayor of Phoenix from 1984-1990. After a contentious run for Gov. against incumbent Jan Brewer in 2010, which pitted the two candidates on oppisite sides of SB1070, he lost 54-42%. He shrugs off the double-digit loss as the result of the GOP wave that swept the country that year. Can he do in the Sen. race what he couldnt in the Govs race?

Rodney Glassman (D) - Rodney Glassman is an American businessman, author, and politician who served on the City Council of the City of Tucson, Arizona, from 2007 to 2010. At the time of his resignation he was serving as the Vice Mayor. He went on to defeat at the hands of incumbent John McCain in 2010, 59-%. Despite the heavy loss, he'll give the US Senate seat one more shot. Can he make a comeback in a field of bigger, more well-known names, & win a special election?



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Quick question folks...this may sound dumb, but I'm having trouble sending this scenario. I can play it (as you can see with the screen caps) but when I go to my President Forever Program saved in my C' drive, I can't locate the scenario. I go to Computer---C drive---Program Files---President Forever 2008+Primaries---scenarios....and it isn't there. All of my scenarios are there but the one I created on Campaigns Forever (Arizona 2014 Special Election). As you can see, I'm able to play it when I open the actual game. Why can't I find the scenario in my scenario folder under Program Files? (see screen cap below of my program Files folder....no scenario)


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Just for more clarification....here are screen caps to show the scenario does exist and is playable...


But I've tried all the normal steps to find this scenario file on my computer so i can email it to you guys or post it on the site (like searching by name on my computer, searching similar names, etc.) Any ideas on how to locate this scenario file?

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