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2008 Celebrity 4 Candidate Election

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Hey guys,

I decided to begin working on a scenario basically substituting each candidate's most prominent celebrity endorser for each candidate. Right now, I am only certain on the following...

Barack Obama- Oprah Winfrey

Mike Huckabee-Chuck Norris

Please submit your own ideas!!!


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Hillary Clinton - Paris Hilton (There is a whole slew of celebrity endorsements for Hillary, but that one just stuck out the most)

John Edwards - Seth Green (Technically not old enough, but I would not pass it up. As it is this is not a serious election, so toss the rule book)

Bill Richardson - Edward James Olmos (Seemed the perfect fit, though I was tempted by Val Kilmer as well)

Dennis Kucinich - Sean Penn (Perfect Fit)

Joe Biden - Richard Schiff (There were no other choices)

Chris Dodd - Alec Baldwin (Name that popped out the most for me)

Mike Gravel - Mark Ruffalo (There were no other choices)

John McCain - Clint Eastwood (Seemed the best match)

Mitt Romney - Sean Hannity (Ross Perot was also there, but seemed less relevant)

Ron Paul - Drew Carey (This should be great)

Fred Thompson - Pat Sajak (Former Host of Wheel of Fortune)

Duncan Hunter - Chuck Yeager (Bloody old, but certainly the most prominent)

Rudy Guiliani - Adam Sandler or Jon Voight (Not sure which one would be more prominent)

Alan Keyes - None (Suffice to say he was going no where anyway)

Tom Tancredo - Bay Buchanan (That is, Pat Buchanan's sister)

Sam Brownback - Michael W. Smith (Also could go to Norma McCorvey (Roe v Wade Lady) or Stephen Baldwin (Alec Baldwin's Brother))

Ralph Nader - Ben Stein

Bob Barr - Penn Jillete

Charles Baldwin - Jerome Corsi

Cynthia McKinney - Noam Chomsky

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