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Super-updated 2012!

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Greetings, super friends! I've created a super-updated 2012 scenario, accurate as of...today.

1) Based on the official 2012 scenario.

2) Begins the day before the Iowa caucuses.

3) Up to date polling for New Hampshire and South Carolina. I couldn't find recent polling for the other states.

4) Iowa numbers are accurate for the caucus. Santorum tends to be the winner though, only narrowly beating Romney. Regardless, they get the same number of delegates.

5) Cain and Bachmann default off. I tried leaving Bachmann on but polling her at 0 percent in all states, but she still managed to gather spoiler votes, so I had to boot her.

6) The game is balanced to only have the default starting candidates, plus a third party candidate. Turning on Cain, Bachmann, or anyone other than a third party could significantly throw off the balance of the game.

7) In my playthrough, Gingrich edged out a win in South Carolina, Perry got Texas, but the rest of the states (other than Iowa) went to Romney. He picked Christie as his VP, winning with 303 VP. I space-barred as the third party.

Who wants it?

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