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2000 election issues


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I'm beginning work on my 2000 scenario again, and I'm looking for more events to include. I'm looking for real-life events, as I like to keep my scenarios as historically accurate as I can. I currently have the U.S. election and the "Asian invasion" scandal, and it seems that I read something once about Day making some controversial remarks on healthcare, but I can't seem to put my finger on that again. So, if anyone can point me toward the details of that or any other key events and the dates that they took place, I'd be grateful!

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I'm not sure if this helps or not, but I just took a quick look back at The Globe and Mail headlines throughout the campaign and these were the headlines on the front page for several of the days.

October 24

"Court lifts spending limit on third-party election ads"

"Riot police turn back Montreal protesters"

October 25

"Clark turns to Mulroney"

"TSE star Nortel battered"

October 28

"Air India suspects charged"

October 30

"Election will test support for sovereignty: Parizeau"

October 31

Alliance supports two-tier health care"

November 1

"Medicare debate boils over"

November 8

"Bush wins a squeaker"

"Policy furor engulfs Day"

November 9

"Florida recount puts U.S. on edge"

November 14

"Lastman cruises to yet another easy victory"

November 20

"Europeans seek import ban on Canadian beef and pork"

"Alliance candidate quits over remarks"

November 24

"Pensions furor hits Alliance"

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I've done the party percentages for the ridings in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. I'm planning on getting Ontario done tomorrow, so I should have that finished in the next few days. I still have to do the political units file, which is time consuming because I'll have to enter all the candidates names, so that will take a few days probably since I just work on it when I can. The rest of the work is relatively minor though, so hopefully it won't be long until its done.

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