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Canada 2011/Congress Forever Turnout?

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Hey, does anyone know how to change the turnout in the Canada 2011 PM4E game? I've got a problem where all the proper numbers for each district are in the "eligible_voters" line in the political_units.xml document, however turnout is horribly low compared to those numbers (around 50%).

I've seen that during election night, the regional count - where it says whatever percentage is complete, i.e. 50, 60, 70% complete - when the counting stops in the regions, it stops at something like 75-85%, not the full 100% of votes. When you look at the riding level, it all says 100% counted. I figure that has something to do with why the turnout is lower.

Unlike the old PM4E I find no variable for turnout except the raw numbers in the political_units file. Anyone know how I can change the turnout? The system is similar or exactly the same as Congress Forever, so if anyone figured it out there, it's bound to be helpful here.


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I'm not sure why provinces show less than 100% reporting at the end of election night, but you can adjust voter participation in the percentages.xml file. The third line of the file should be "universal alienated." Adjust that to change turnout.

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