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You'll need an .xml editor to create scenario files. You could use notepad, but I don't recommend that because if you make a syntax error, notepad won't alert you of it and you'll have to find it yourself. I use Extensible XML editor for what it's worth. If you're asking how to incorporate the map into the scenario, you'll do that in the political_units.xml file. You'll need to enter x,y coordinates for the location of each of your political units. A program such as paint can help you find those. Any point within a distinct region on the map will select the entire region, so it doesn't matter which point you choose. For some political units you might to to enter more than one set of coordinates. For example, you'd need one set of coordinates for mainland B.C. and another for Vancouver Island under British Columbia's section of the file. You'll also need to enter a set of coordinates to determine where the name of the unit is displayed on the map. You might have to play with that one a bit though, because every change to those coordinates moves the name. So, you'll probably have to play with that one a bit to get it where you want it.

Hope that helps!

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