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The October 1974 General Election in Scotland

The scenario includes the new feature 'Enhanced Crusader Targetting Strategy'

This scenario is complete except for the Issues. If anyone fancies tackling the issues, please feel free to do so and upload back to this thread.

Download here ....

Scotland - 1974 October.rar 1.3 MB



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Looks pretty good :)

Is there any way you could do the same for Northern Ireland and/or Wales?

The answer is 'Yes'. I have a template that I have used for Wales UK scenarios which could easily be adapted. As for N.Ireland, in my view, this is not so 'necessary' due to the natural stand alone nature of the province in the UK scenarios.

If there is anyone with a particular knowleadge of Welsh politics who would like to collaborate by doing the issues for any of the incomplete scenarios sitting on my PC, please get in touch;

They are 1915 [not a miss-type], 1923, 1929, 1945, 1950, 1955, 1970, 1979.

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I can't download the Scotland-1974 scenario, as the link is unclickable.

What happens when you cut and paste it?

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