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Saskatchewan - 2011- beta


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Download Sask 2011 Beta 1.0



Uses PMFC 2011 1.2.9. Please make sure you are using this game version or errors may occur.

Constructive feedback please:

- Incorrect candidate names (wrong party/riding)

- Spelling mistakes

- Balance issues (leader strengths/funding/etc.)

Known issues:

- Starts with 2007 results; Sask Party was much higher in the polls when election was called. Working on re-doing starting numbers.

- No leader descriptions.

- Issue images not replaced.

- Issues extremely specific to party platform; looking into making them more generic, left to right.

- No far left or far right positions; only considering adding far right for Western Independence Party.

- Considering adding in Agriculture.

- Considering replacing Infrastructure with Highways.

- Regional issue centers not fully set.

- Probably multiple small balance issues.

Happy gaming!

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I just thought I'd point out that instead of "lead by" it should be "led by."

But I also wanted to say that I'm really glad to see someone else creating scenarios for the 2011 engine! I look forward to giving this one a try!

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Sask. 2011 Beta 1.1




- removed 'majority government' goal from Liberals.

- added in first endorsers.

- gave SKP, ND, GRN & LIB PP for when more endorsers are added.

- minor spelling fixes.

- added in proper crusaders.

- minor changes to money coefficients (all set to 5% of Canada 2011, since Sask has approx. 3% of population - might lower it all to match up).

- testing Green support change - 10% undecided, 10 % leaning, 80% committed. Firt run-through had Greens pick up 3 seats, which is...unlikely.

- reset percentages using following formula:

** in urban ridings: base -4 from NDP, +4 to SKP (overall +8 to SKP).

** in rural ridings: base -6 from NDP, +6 to SKP (overall +12 to SKP).

** Liberal vote split among 2 parties (1/2 to SKP, 1/2 to Green). NDP definitely has not seen the benefit of no Liberals.

** Green Party has base 3% plus 1/2 of Liberal vote.

** In ridings with Liberal candidates, -3 from NDP, +3 to SKP, 1/2 of Liberal vote to SKP.

** Special exceptions in:

-- Cumberland (used 2008 by-election result as base as it was a warning sign of decreased NDP support in the north).

-- Saskatoon-Meewasin (David Karwacki, previous Liberal leader, is not running).

-- The Battlefords (Ryan Bater, current Liberal leader, is running here).

The starting percentages still look closer then polls show due to the 'poll accuracy +/-' and how it deals with undecided voters. It's not perfect, but it is *much* closer to being accurate.

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The Sask Party are just too low in popular vote as compared to polls.

This is the only problem that I see.

Fixed up percentages as best as I could. Will be more changes after election night.

Also, I have a error message if I change the issue positions too much.

I have no idea what is causing the issue position change error. Is it only certain issues, or a certain number that you change, or a certain issue position?

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