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Congress Forever 2012???


2012 Congress Forever  

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  1. 1. Should 270soft make a sequel to the popular Congress Forever 2010?

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Hey fellow political wonks!

Since I really enjoyed playing Congress Forever 2010, I am hoping 270soft will release an official sequel.

The last game was awesome, but considering control of the Senate and possibly the House will be at stake in 2012, it will be far more THRILLING!!!

Send in your ideas!!!


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Here is what I would have as the political climate for the 2012 Congressional Elections...


Republicans: 217 seats

Democrats: 189 seats

Tossup: 29 seats


Democrats: 49

Republicans: 49

Tossup: 2

Will you have Boehner win his nomination or not, as I hear some Tea Party favourite is going to primary him?

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Do you mean when are they going to FINISH Congress Forever?

Frankly, I was extremely disappointed when I got the game and then they proceeded to stop updating or improving upon it. I know they have other projects to handle, but since they had already released this game it should be, to me, a higher priority. Prime Minister forever data from the Canadian Version keeps popping up whenever I try to view my personal information, and is one of the many problems that I have seen.

Just looking through the files I can tell there should have been a Primary Stage where the candidates within the respective parties were to duke it out. At the same time, I still think the characters themselves should have political positions rather than that of the parties being the basis; there is a reason people like Sharon Angle or Fiorna did not gain much traction (and Fiorna often defeats Boxer). At the same time, with Ads, I would like to actually choose what districts I want to run the ads in rather than have to go through every individual campaign zone; it is daunting enough to do this in the Senate Campaign, but with the House Campaign...............

To me, there is a lot more work that needs to be done to put this up to par with President's Forever.

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