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Called the Tabloid Election, the Sunday Patriot scandal blows completely out of proportion, years of criminal activity are released to the public. The Conservative Premier from 1990-1997 was blackmailed, The Labour premier from 1997-2007 was lead through years of sleaze by the so called "Tabloid King," His replacement from 2007-2010 was unable to control the situation. And worse of all, The current Conservative Prime Minister not only tried to turn his back to all of the corruption, due to the fact that he had a cozy affair with the Patriot's editor, he actually used the investigators to spy on his political opponents, including the Liberal Democrat Leader and the well-respected LD Business Secretary while they made up the same government. The Liberal Dems naturally left the coalition, but not before the Prime Minister is led out of Number 10 by Bobbies in handcuffs. This results in the LD Leader being Prime Minister for 48 Hours, but he quickly calls an election saying: "Although I could hang on as Prime Minister for the next two years in a parliament of chaos, I cannot in good conscience say that I have a mandate." The new PM has a point, as he as viewed as completely incompetent.

Basically, the most sleazy election ever, with fake names to protect the innocent.

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