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The Federal European Republic

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The date is 2014, and 39 European nations have formed a federal nation (Federal European Republic) to create a rival to the now domineering United States.


It all features most European nations (all except neutral Switzerland, Moldova Turkey, San Marino, The Vatican, Andorra, Russia and Liechtenstein who all refused to join, Britain who disbanded into England, Scotland, Wales and Ulster - they joined individually - and Serbia + Montenegro who also entered indivdually).


The President is elected in almost identical fashion to the US President - except there are 1450 electoral college votes (ranging from 206 for Germany, to just 1 for Malta), and they are directly proportioned by poplulation.

I am planning to release the Presidential scenario first.


The Congress is also similar to the US Congress. The House of Represenatives grants Reps. by population - a total of 725 are elected. The Senate gives equal weighting to all states with 3 Senators for each former nation (a total of 117 Senators).

After the Presidential scenario is complete, I'll start work on a PM4E scenario for both the Senate, which will be first, and House.


The four parties are based on the four largest groups in the current EU Parliament, and are:

- The People's Party (A right/center-right party - the most popular of the four, averaging aroung 35%)

- The Socialists (A center left party - tend to get around 30-35%)

- The Liberal Democrats (A center party - usually picking up 20-25%)

- The Greens (A left wing party - getting around 10-15%)

I haven't decided on what the issues will be, but every nation's head of government will be playable, with a few other big European names in there too.

The first scenario, the race for the President, should be done by the end of the week, with the other two following a couple of weeks after that.

Sound good or what? ;)

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The Presidential Scenario is ready - I'm about to send it off to Tony, but if anyone wants an advanced copy, post your email and I'll send it over asap.

The Senate scenario shouldn't be anymore than a week away either - all I've got to do now is fill in the candidates (there are 508 of them!) and fix a bug and that's good to go too.

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Modelled on the European Parliament, yes. It would make the game more evolutionary, if the HoR was called European Parliament and the Senate European Commission (the story being that the unelected Commission of today was replaced by an elected Senate).

I really like the idea of the scenario, so please do e-mail it to me at peter@loehmann.dk.

One or two minor grudges: Today, representation and vote weights aren't proportional to population; they favour the smaller member states. Although there has been some movement towards more proportionality, it's still unrealistic to imagine it being full on proportional.

If you could find some way of implementing that, it would be good. You could, for instance, decide on a total number of Electoral Votes and then divide it by the voting weights of the Council of Ministers. They are to be found at the URL linked to, and by clicking an individual nation, their population becomes available, so you know how many votes any of the new countries your scenario includes would be assigned.

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I was under the impression that the European Commission was more like a Cabinet than a legislative body.

It is, but seeing as Go Ralph! wants to make the European Parliament a legislative body akin to the House of Representatives (and it can only yay or nay legislation from the Commission), there's no reason why the Commission couldn't evolve into a Senate, so that Go Ralph! gets the bicameral American system he wants.

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It's worth noting that this isn't modelled at all on the European Union, and in the "story" it isn't an evolution of the European Union - it features all the EU nations (minus Britain) with another 15 on top, but it isn't really based on the Union itself.

And the Europeans largely do consider their legislatures Parliaments, but most bi-cameral Parliaments, such as the British one with the Commons and the Lords, have one chamber that is dominant over the other. In a federal state, like the FER is, there is going to be particuarly sensitive concerns on the rights of states, particuarly as the "states" here were former nations in their own rights - so, an equal bi-cameral legislature with one chamber based the size of the states (the House) and one chamber granting equal representation to all states (the Senate) would address these concerns, and the American model is perfect for this kind of Federal grouping. That's the reason I did it like that, and named it a Congress - but the name is only really techinicality so it may well end up a Parliament anyway.

Anyway, the scenario is being sent out to whoever asked now, so I hope you enjoy it, and any feedback would be welcome.

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