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I am working on revamping the 1992 scenario to be more realistic, or at least more difficult for some characters and easier for others. Currently I am trying to reflect Perot's rise and fall in the polls during the season; basically giving him front-runner status and then bringing him down into the low tens at least. However, while I am able to surge him into the thirties, I can't bring him back down; at most I can probably manage to bring him down (0.5%) before the General Election. Any way I can achieve this?

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Well first question, how are you pushing Perot down by a 0.5% margin anyway?

Events driven to give him negative momentum. At first I made it so that only his Leadership was affected, with him being hit with (-10,000) momentum every day for fifty four days, right up until the General Election starts. That got me about (0.2%) down. Similar events were made to have the same affect on his integrity and his experiance which was just as ineffective.

So basically three event series run from July to the beginning of September, hitting Perot with max negative momentum on the three personal issues every single day during that time.

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