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Presidential Election 2016 Advance...Now open!!!

2016 Advance Ratings  

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  1. 1. Please give me a grade on the game's performance!

    • A+... This Game blew away my expectations!
    • A... This Game is a great scenario!
    • B+... This Game was a good scenario!
    • B... This Game was a above-average scenario
    • C+ This game just managed to capture my interest
    • C... This game was okay...nothing special
    • D+... This game was below-average
    • D...This game was a terrible scenario
    • F...This game was a flop!

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Presidential Election 2016 Advance, the second edition of the 2016 series is now open for email requests!!!!

Just submit your email and game on! There is also a survey for you if you feel like you want to grade it!!!!


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It is already quite enjoyable. But there are several issues:

1. Some of the .bmp files were missing, I had to replace them manually to play the scenario.

2. Why no third parties? Several close elections might have been different without a third party.

3. There are alot of Republican candidates. Perhaps some should be on default off?

4. There are some inconsistencies in the scenario. Why is Scott Walker still running when he was deafted by Russ Feingold in 2014? Why is the Economy on 3 when there is such a big deficit crisis?

I'm looking forward to the next update ;)

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