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PC Premier Ted Morton (the RL frontrunner for the upcoming leadership convention) fails to woo the rising star Wildrose Alliance and thus delays elections till the very end of the Legislative Assembly mandate in 2013. In the meantime, several things have happened. First, the WA have made significant gains in the polls, especially in Calgary and Southern Alberta. Second, the Liberals, NDP, and some former members of the disenfranchised Green Party have merged into the Liberal Democratic Party of Alberta to consolidate the Left. Right-wing parties other than the PC's and WA, namely the SoCreds, Alberta Party, and SPA, have melded into the Alberta Alternative Party. Finally, a fifth faction in the form of Independent incumbents and hopefuls, represented by Guy Boutilier, MLA of Fort McMurray and former PC, are a formidable force as well. Thoughts?

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Alberta Party is centrist and currently holds a seat in the Legislature in the form of Dave Taylor, former Liberal member and former contender for Liberal Leadership.

NDP and Liberals in Alberta would never merge, Brian Masse and Rachel Notle hate the Liberals as much as the PC's.

Ted Mortin isn't the front runner, isn't even close, he only pulled in 28% last leadership race, Gary Marr is the tentative front runner right now.

Guy Boutilier has already joined the Wildrose Alliance Party and is currently sitting in their Caucus even now, in fact his decision to join them gave them official party status in the Legislature.

Sorry if it seems all negative, because I would love to see this scenario. 5 parties should be

PC - Gary Marr, Alison Redford, Doug Horner, really could be any of them

Wildrose Alliance - Danielle Smith (should have high charisma points for debates given her media background)

Alberta Party - who knows who will be leader

Alberta Liberal Party (the Alberta part is important to Liberals in Alberta) - Laurie Blakeman or Raj Sherman likely leaders since David Swann has retired

New Democratic Party - Brian Masse

The Greens have never even come close, so its a waste of time with them. This would be most accurate.

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Although you probably have a greater feel for what is going on in Alberta and a good understanding of the game, trying to put together a future scenario may be tricky even if the election doesn't happen for a couple of years.

With four provinces polling this year, it would be good to see someone tackle these.

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