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Actually, Ron Paul has the same amount of experience as Eric Cantor and John Boehner combined. He also helped with the creation of the Tea-Party and is its founder. His integrity is unquestionable. Hi

Here are my ratings... Mitt Romney L-4...I-2 (i know on the blog on 270soft.com I was recommending a 3, but after seeing his attempt at rebutting obamacare after praising his own Romneycare, I agree

Move down Bachmann to tier 2...move Gingrich to tier 1...move Hunstman Jr. to tier 2. Drop Palin to tier 3...bump Daniels and Pawlenty to tier 2.

Former Governor Huckabee

Mike Huckabee made a failed attempt at the Presidency in 2008. Now a host at FOX NEWS, the former Governor has managed to keep his name in the spotlight. Will he succeed in Campaign 2012? Or will his 2012 bid end like his 2008 bid?

Former Governor Romney

Charismatic is the best way to describe the former Massachusetts Governor. Romney's moderate policies win him over with the center, but with growing unhappiness over "ObamaCare" can Romney's own idea lead to his downfall?

Former Governor Pawlenty

"T-Paw" had a successful eight years as Minnesota's governor. Widely considered a Vice Presidential possibility in 2008 Pawlenty watched as the position went to Sarah Palin. Four years after being rumored to be number 2, can he prove he's good enough to be number 1?

Representative Paul

Ron Paul is an aging Congressman who rose to national presence four years ago. Four years later can he take the nomination and bring his libertarian views to the Republican Party...and the White House?

Former Governor Roemer

Buddy Roemer served four years as Lousiana's Chief Executive, but 20 years after being governor of the state many people question whether he's competent to be "POTUS". Can he defy the odds and take the Republican Nomination? [change Republican Nomination to White House for GE]

Former Senator Santorum

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum suffered the worst defeat in the Midterm Elections only six years ago, but now can he make the most historic political comeback since Richard Nixon? Or will Santorum's far-right social policies lead to his demise?

Former Speaker Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is known for his Anti-Clinton Speakership in the 90's. He's fondly remembered by most Republicans for the man who tried to take down Bill Clinton, but seen as a hypocrite for having his own affair. Can Gignrich's personal problems lead to political problems?

Representative Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann is the image associated with the Tea Party. Can Bachmann's close ties with the movement propel her to victory? Or will they lead to a painful defeat?

Former Ambassador Huntsman, Jr.

Former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, Jr. is seeking the Republican Nomination. Will his experience as a former Governor and dealing with China take precedence over his moderate policies and carry him to triumph?

Governor Barbour

Governor Haley Barbour is your typical southern gentleman. The "heavy-set" man with a thick accent may connect all too well with the people. Will the Chairman of the RGA become President on January 20, 2013?

Former Governor Palin

Former Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska propelled to national prominence in 2008 and quickly plummeted shortly thereafter. With a series of unfortunate and embarrassing events, Sarah Palin left the national stage in a less than favorable manner. Can she overcome this to win big in 2012?

Businessman Trump

Donald Trump talks the talk. He's made big pledges and promises in an attempt to sway voters. Can the man who's catchphrase is "You're Fired" convince a nation where a tenth of the population is unemployed that he should become President?

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haven't gotten it yet? maybe try: nathanielmarshac@aol.com .. unless you haven't sent it yet :P also, could i get your CT Senate Scenario :D

Check your email for the President 2012 Scenario.

I just sent you the Conneticut scenario, but all credit goes to Patine who created it, I only updated the map.

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thank ya much! and mccain, if you need polling go to Wikipedia!

I was able to fix the glitch that some complained of, a low level republican winning the nomination and then losing by a 400+ electoral landslide. Now Utah and Alabama will stay red-lol.

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yea, i see a few problems; Huntsman not even coming close in Utah? he's leading coming in second (though substantially behind Romney) in polls there. trump is polling first, second, or third in almost every poll (nationally) and T-Paw leads Minnesota heavily

Sorry to McCain2008, but I guess this helps you with your planning too! :P

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yea, i see a few problems; Huntsman not even coming close in Utah? he's leading in polls there. trump is polling first, second, or third in almost every poll (nationally)

Yeah the scenario was based on a what the polls looked like in mid-march (when I created it). Trump didn't start his surge until April.

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Just sent it out to Actinguy and Patine!

Actinguy, that would be great! I tried to add formidable VP's, tell me what you think.

Also I updated all the governors (not recently), just forgot to mention that a ways up when I talked about how I updated the new Electoral college numbers and such.

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