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Trial 1: Barack Obama Was able to fend off Clinton after Iowa. Succeeding there I moved on to take NH, SC, NV and all by four states on Super Tuesday - felt this was a little too much momentum. Something went CRAZY on the GOP Side and Thompson somehow won the primaries! I chose Biden and Thompson made a deal with Romney so Romney became Veep. I won w/ 289 or something like that.

Trial 2: Rudy Giuliani Well, I kept front runner status until Iowa. I lost Iowa and New Hampshire, coming in 2nd and 4th respectively. Romney took Iowa and McCain took New Hampshire but I staid in the race battling enough to take FL, MI and several states on Super Tuesday. It was me, Romney, and McCain in the final three. I lost very narrowly on the second ballot of the convention w/ Romney taking the nomination. I continued as Romney taking exactly 270 electoral votes on election day. The Democratic Ticket was Clinton/Edwards.

Trial 3: Ralph Nader Space barred. McCain/Pataki emerged as the winners against Clinton/Obama. (No primaries).

Trial 4: Fred Thompson All right in my final trial I turned primaries off and assumed the role as Fred Thompson with Liddy Dole as my VEEP. We fended off an Obama/Bayh? ticket with 286 EV's.

Overall - pretty good. :) Excited for 2012!

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yeah somehow thompson took iowa and south carolina and pushed out huckabee, got his endorsement and battled romney and mccain until it was him romney then made the deal. thought it was really strange but you always get a wacko one

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Very good. :)

Had a couple of other rounds. Excellent scenario!

I've edited Clinton's attributes a little bit and gave her ten million dollars more than Obama. What I've found out: The more candidates are in there, the easier it is for her to claim the nomination.

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