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Prime Minister Forever - Australia 2011 Version Information


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Note: latest information is here.

Latest release is Beta v. 1.0.8.

You can download the latest version by going here.

To update, run the install file after it has downloaded. Note: if the game is running, close it before installing the update.

Any problems, you can contact us here.


Note: momentum numbers on Momentum Screen don't quite add up due to rounding

Note: ad values are temporary

- can run ads for regional political units (states, and so on)

- now displays momentum on Main Screen by default, button added to switch between viewing momentum or change in percentages

- if open Ads Screen from Main Screen, default political unit is one selected on Main Screen

- election night: added reversing call and no one has absolute majority resolution

- election night: "The The Parliament" -> "The Parliament"

- migrated help file web-page to http://270soft.com

- fixed bug where ads have no effect if run for national political unit

- fixed bug where no momentum shown for national political unit


Note: save-load is not complete

Note: there is a known bug where in 2010, Greens tend to receive a large number of undecideds

- added party relations to relations.xml

- added coalitions tag to relations.xml

- various changes to election night, including coalition counting

- added preferences option to scenario.xml

- Select Scenario Screen: changed 'Off' icon

- fixed bug where adding 2 polls per turn to poll history

- 2010: darkened National's medium colour

- 2010: modified poll closing times

- 2010: Liberal and National parties start in coalition

- 2010: set party relations

- 2010: modified preference voting patterns

- 2010: "Labors Winning" -> "Labor Winning"


Note: election night and save-load are not complete

Note: 2PP requires fine-tuning

Note: program will by default install to a new folder (Prime Minister Forever - Australia 2011) as has new name, you can uninstall the old version (Prime Minister Forever - Australia 2010)

- added 2PP

- fixed font problem with some systems

- Strategy Screen: increased width to display district names

- Strategy Screen: moved Previous Player, Next Player buttons

- Strategy Screen: fixed bug where if click CPs Available icon, Seats Targeted icon, or Seats on Watchlist icon, orders districts by whether Targeted

- Strategy Screen: now displays both district's name and region

- Main Screen: fixed bug where if click Barnstorming and then cancel without selecting PU, then get error


- "Your committee, the Gillard, has $35,000,000 to begin with." -> "The Labor Party has $35,000,000 to begin with."

- SelectPlayer Screen: "Julia Gillard (Gillard)" -> "P.M. Julia Gillard"

- 2010: Dawson candidate George Christenson Liberal -> National

- 2010: Barton, Indi, and Batman capitalized

- Strategy Screen: "Gillard Strategy" -> "Labor Strategy"

- SelectPlayer Screen: added button to switch leaders


- 2010: debate set to 7/24, campaign start set to 7/17

- 2010: Gillard's home political unit -> Melbourne

- 2010: Truss's home political unit -> S.E. Queensland

- 2010: Bonner candidate Ross Vasta National -> Liberal

- 2010: Wright candidate Scott Buchholz Liberal -> National

- 2010: Flynn candidate Ken O'Dowd Liberal -> National

- 2010: Leichhardt candidate Warren Entsch National -> Liberal

- 2010: Independent leader is now Bob Katter

- recap screen "Chair of the Gillard" -> "leader of the Labor party"


- 2010: modified candidates, districts, percentages

- 2010: added Independent party

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