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Wisconsin Legislature 2010

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We should include:

Republican Party

Democratic Party

Working families party (District 6, 31, 33 )

Independent party ( District 46, 58, 59 )

Conservative Party (District 14, 16, 21, 27, 28, 31, 32 )

What about the Green Party (District 31, 33)?

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District 2: Robert Cowles ® District 4: Lena Taylor (D) District 6: Spencer Coggs (D) District 8:Alberta Darling ® District 10: Sheila Harsdorf ® District 12: Jim Holperin (D) District 14: Luthe

Yeah it's pretty tricky with editing. One mistake can take you hours to fix..

Sent, do you want to send the parties folder over and I can give you a hand on editing the candidates?

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