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Egypt Presidential 2011


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This scenario layout is complete conjecture, as I don't know how coming promised elections will unfold, and I don't know what priority this may take in my queue, but here it is:

Nationl Democratic Party:

-Omar Suleiman

-Mohammad Hussein Tantawi

-Gamal Mubarak (off-by-default)

Muslim Brotherhood:

-Mohammad Badia

-Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar

El-Ghad Party:

-Ayman Nour

Al-Wafd Party:

-El-Sayyed el-Badawi

Independent - Moussa:

-Amr Moussa

Independent - El-Baradei (off-by-default):

-Mohammad El-Baradei

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

Edited 02/17/2011

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What about Amr Moussa, the secretary general of the Arab League?

What party do you think he'd be? National Democratic?

From what I'm hearing, El-Barradei isn't going anywhere. Many people seem to feel he just tried to seize the revolution after spending decades abroad, whereas Ayman Nour appears to have a lot of street cred. Most likely the next President won't be anyone we know though.

I may redo it so Ayman Nour and the El-Ghad Party are on-by-default, and El-Barradei is an Independent as opposed to having a new party, and is off-by-default.

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Perhaps, though I think he would want to distance himself more strongly from the previous regime, so perhaps add him as an independent?

That sounds reasonable. I would like a couple more choices for the Muslim Brotherhood. Know any promiment members? Or any other established parties and their leaders who may run? I updated the first post.

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For issues, I'm thinking a lot of constitutional issues, i.e. how to set up the constitution. After all, this is more or less a formative election, and they're definitely getting a new constitution before long.

For the map, are you doing this under the President Forever platform, with its requirements of electoral colleges? (Maybe the 2012 version, if it's forthcoming any time soon, will be more flexible in that regard.) If so, then Egypt has a couple dozen regions, and I think making a map of them should be reasonably doable.

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With the graphics editor I use, if it's a relatively clean map, I turn it into black-and-white, erase any stuff like labels or words and such, and then (and this is optional, if the original map is pretty good), I go in at fairly high zoom and clean up the boundary lines, getting them to be only a pixel thick. Then I fill in the regions with the normal bluish color, though the color doesn't actually matter, and paste it onto a blank version of the grid I've made.

Sometimes I have to do something like make the whole image really dark and then turn everything except pure black into white before I make it black-and-white.

If you want me to do it, I can. (hurricanexyz@mail.com)

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I found a map of Egypt divided into it's Governorates, but it'd need to be converted to P4E border colors. What's the quickest way to do that without drawing over every border, as I don't exactly have a surgeon's hand?

Can you share this to me? keiooz@yahoo.com

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8 hours ago, NYrepublican said:

@Patine I have an Egypt map.

So do I. This scenario did fizzle out awhile ago (though the election ended up taking place in 2012). I do have enough information (including party logos and governorate flags and such) to go forward at any point. It's in the queue.

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