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I am working on a new scenario called United North America 2008 - REVAMPED. This scenario will include a new map that will have Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico on it.

Cuba and Puerto Rico will each be their own states and how do I divide Mexico?

I need to add politicians from Mexico and Cuba to add to the three parties!

Give me a hand guys! :)

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seriously though, if you could add C. America, DR/Haiti, Jamacia, and maybe two other West indian groups (like all the St. islands and all the not st. islands) you could have a good base for a Communist/Socialist party out of Cuba


I do not want to have to shrink the map anymore than I have to. The maximum numbers of regions the game allows for is 70.

US- 51

Canada - 13


That leaves 6 minus Cuba and Puerto Rico is 4 for Mexico!

If I scrap DC and amalgamate the 3 territories in the Canadian North I could free up 4 more.


How do I divide Mexico?

Any ideas?

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HRC I love your United North America scenario and I can't wait to play this one.

If I were you, I'd consider combining the maritime provinces of Canada into one state. These territories aren't even large enough to justify statehood and the same goes for the northern territories. Maybe add those to Alaska?

Just some ideas.

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CANADA - 11 (Yukon, NWT and Nunavut one state)

USA - 51


Chihuahua-Coahuila 23 EV

Hidalgo-Colima 29 EV

Federal District of Mexico 20 EV

Yucatan-Chiapas 28 EV




Carribbean Main- (Contains Jamaica,Haiti, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas) - 23 EV

Mayan Hispaniola - (Contains El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala,Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama)

- 34 EV

Those will be the divisions. How does it sound?

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Puerto Rico Candidates:

Anibal Acevedo Vila - Popular Democratic Party (More aligned with the US Democratic Party) - Former Non-voting Representative to House of Reps (US), Currently beat Rossello by close margin for Governor.

Pedro Rossello - New Progressive Party (More aligned with the US Republican Party) - Former Governor

The links are pictures for the two of them :D

Hope they're useful.

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to close the tag on the picture of Acevedo Vila

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The scenario is essentially completed I just have to check for gramatical errors and gameplay but here is the final list of candidates for the Ultimate United North America scenario. :)


Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Paul Martin

Jean Chretien

Al Gore

Al Sharpton

Evan Bayh

Howard Dean

John Kerry

John Edwards

Joe Lieberman

Nancy Pelosi

Richard Gephardt

Wesley Clark

Zell Miller

Sheila Copps

Anne McLellan

Bill Richardson

Bob Kerrey

Joe Biden

Ted Kennedy

Tom Daschle

Barrack Obama

Oprah Winfrey

Ben Affleck

Alec Baldwin

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson Jr.

Al Franken

Charles Schumer

Bill Bradley

Ed Rendell

Tom Vilsack

Blanche Lincoln

Harold Ford Jr.

Mark Warner

Mary Landrieu

Bill Nelson

Janet Napolitano

Jennifer Granholm

Rod Blagojevich

Russ Feingold

Chris Dodd

Gavin Newsom

Kathleen Sebelius

Jefe Cuauhtemoc Cardenas

Sila Maria Calderon

Anibal Vila


George W. Bush

Jeb Bush

Rudy Giuliani

John McCain

Bill Frist

Condolezza Rice

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Michael Peroutka

George Pataki

Stephen Harper

Stockwell Day

Ron Gray

Alan Keyes

Pat Robertson

Mr. T

Sylvester Stallone

Pat Buchanan

Anne Coulter

Oliver North

Tom Ridge

John Ashcroft

Sean Hannity

Mel Gibson

Rush Limbaugh

Donald Rumsfeld

Gary Bauer

Elizabeth Dole

Dan Quayle

Trent Lott

Paul Cellucci

Bob Taft

Mitt Romney.txt

Bill Owens

Mark Sanford

Rick Santorum

Chuck Hagel

Sam Brownback

George Allen

Preston Manning

Mike Harris

Deborah Grey

Tony Clement

John Reynolds

Ralph Klein

Vicente Fox

Pedro Rossello

Tom DeLay

Norm Coleman

Socialist Party

Ralph Nader

Dennis Kucinich

Jack Layton

David Cobb

Gilles Duceppe

Jim Harris

Michael Moore

Peter Camejo

Sheila Copps

Bill Blaikie

Ted Turner

Jane Fonda

Svend Robinson

Lorne Nystrom

Alexa McDonough

Bruce Springsteen

George Soros

Subcommadante Marcos

Fidel Castro

Raul Castro

Manuel Noriega

Noam Chomsky

American Progressive Party

Jesse Ventura

Peter MacKay

Joe Clark

David Orchard

Ian McClelland

Scott Brison

Belinda Stronach

Jim Prentice

Michael Badnarik

Jean Charest

Arlen Specter

Ross Perot

Michael Bloomberg

Donald Trump

Bill O’Reilly

Colin Powell

Steven Forbes

Brian Mulroney

Francisco Labastida

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