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US Historical Scenarios for P4E

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I remember back in the day there were a ton of these... I think mainly for P4E 2004 edition. I remember playing 1920s and 19th century scenarios.

I can't find many on scenarios.80soft/theoryspark/270soft...

I have an 1860 P4E 2008 scenario which is awesome except it has no events.

Does anybody know how many historical (pre-2000) scenarios were created and which can still be downloaded?

Does anyone have any of them on their hard-drive? I remember downloading a lot for 2004 and putting them on a CD but I haven't found it. If I do I would upload them to the new website.

I would prefer P4E 2008 because of the extra features (primaries, increased issue positioning) and scenario constructor, but any 2004's would be good too.

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I have an 1848, 1824, and 1789 scenario completed (did you miss my thread just a few down practically begging people to try and give feedback on the last?) which I can send you if you PM me your e-mail address. I also have a lot of other early scenarios in the works. These are all for P4E2008+P.

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Hi Patine

I did see your 1789 topic and have downloaded the scenario but not had time to try it yet... all your other scenarios appear to have had the hosting website shut down.

Do you not want to upload them to scenarios.270soft?

I'll send you my email address by private message.

Searching the forum I have found very many historical scenarios for 2004... if I find my CD which I saved the ones I downloaded, I'll see if I can convert them to 2008.

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