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I live in Florida and all I know about Canadains is their health care plans are widely accepted by Central and Southern Florida physicians, they say "eh" alot, play hockey, and have produced most of the best N. American comedic talent of the last 30 years. Oh, and Quebecers talk w/ funny psedo-French accents

quick primer anyone? and please don't bias it if you would?

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Well, first thing you gotta know is that Quebec is french-speaking, and there's an important separatism movement in Quebec to separate from Canada (in the "worst" polls, about 50% of Quebeckers want to separate). The Bloc Québécois supports that idea and try to represent Quebec's point of view in Ottawa (the capital of Canada, just in case). Consequently, they only have candidates in Quebec. The language divide is very important in the politics in Canada.

The Liberal Party is the governing party, headed by Paul Martin. They're a center party, and are usually the ones governing the country (they won more elections that the other parties).

The Conservative Party has just been formed, from a merger between two parties. They are a right party. Their leader is Stephen Harper. They are currently the Official Opposition. They are especially strong in the West of the country, where there's a strong feeling of "western alienation", meaning the West considers itself neglected by the central government.

The NDP is a left-wing party, and is the smallest party of Parliament, tho it is still an important one. Their leader is Jack Layton.

oh, and by the way, Quebeckers' accent is very different from the French (from France) one. If you wish (and please everybody, don't be offended by this), the French accent is for us (I'm from Quebec) what the British accent is for the Americans.

Another important thing: our political system is a Parliamentry system, meaning that the chief of government is also the leader of the majority of the Parliament.

Anything else you want to know/want more details on?

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