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Palestine National Authority 2006


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This was a fairly interesting election, and had great impact on the region. I've found a map of the perfect division of regions if someone would be interested in drawing a game map. Six major parties and/or coalitions here (leader in brackets).

-Hamas (Ismail Haniyeh)

-Fatah (Farouk Kaddoumi)

-PFLP (Ahmad Sa'adat)

-The Alternative (Qais Abd al-Karim)

-Independent Palestine (Mustafa Barghouti)

-Third Way (Salam Fayyad)

Just a thought for a future project. I'm not yet sure on issues just yet. Any thoughts?

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The problem is the same with a Lebanese scenario, coalitions are really difficult to simulate but this could be a good scenario to play.

And again, Israel would be also a possibility, but it brings the same challenges as the Netherlands scenario. To make it workable, we will have to merge some parties together.

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