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Rocky in 68 (1972 Presidential Election)


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I am not going to release a lot for the time being; you'll have to wait for the scenario itself. However, I do need the following:

- Crusaders for George Wallace in the Democratic Primary, and another for his possible run as an American Independent.

- In essence, who would continue to support him once he ran outside of a major party?

- Possible Vice Presidential selections for George Wallace in 1972 within the Democratic Party.

.......I thought there was more but I guess that is all that I really needed. Once I am able to fill in these holes, I'll release a BETA.

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Okay, normally I would be fine doing this on my own, but I can't come with good position statements for these issues as they pertained in 1972. If someone can write out the positions for me, I'll make sure they get credit in the finished product. Considering that four of the scenarios I wish to build START in 1972, it is imperative to me that at the very least the issues are finished. Those that are bolded are the most important in the group.


Law and Order

National Service

Military Funding

Draft Dodgers

Nuclear Weapons

Equal Rights Amendment

Poverty Relief



Civil Rights

Soviet Union



Government Size

Acid, Amnesty, & Abortion


Health Care

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George Wallace Crusaders:

- His wife?

Issue positions:

- There's already issue positions on some of these from the 68 one. I recommend you reuse them.

- Of those that don't

Poverty Relief

FL: Communism is the answer to poverty.

L: Massive government intervention is needed. Continue LBJ's War on Poverty.

CL: The New Deal had it right on Poverty Relief. Continue the New Deal legacy.

C: Poverty must be dealt with by the public, community and private sectors.

CR: Poverty relief can be dealt with by tax cuts and community involvement.

R: Charity can deal with Poverty relief.

FR: Eat the poor.


FL: Communism will deal with the race issues.

L: Busing doesn't go far enough. Continue busing and support other integrationist policies.

CL: Focus on making busing work.

C: It is important to support integrationist policies but busing is a divisive policy

CR: Stop busing.

R: Stop busing and stop integration.

FR: Segregation now. Segregation Forever.

Acid, Amnesty and Abortion:

FL: Support all three!

L: Support the last two!

CL: Support one of them

C: Conditional support on abortion/amnesty

CR: Oppose most of them

R: Oppose acid, amnesty and abortion.

FR: Ban all of them.

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Funny, I actually have started working on a '72 scenario this week before seeing this thread.

Lester Maddox and Wallace's wife were all I could come up with for crusaders. As far as a veep, it's hard to come up with many if you want to keep it real. Maybe someone like a Dixiecrat senator such as Herman Talmadge of Georgia.

I'm not including Wallace as an American Independent candidate in my scenario, but the actual nominee John Schmitz instead. Probably makes things less interesting, I know.

Issues are always a problem. I can come up with a bunch (Cambodia, The Gold Standard and the Nixon Shock, etc....) but finding that wide a range of positions for the ideologies. Not only that, but Nixon was all over the place on his positions to the left and to the right and it makes it hard to position people against him. In some cases, the far left and far right positions are not all that far apart.

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