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I need some advice for Prime Minister Forever

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I have the Canadian and British versions of PM4E. The first time I played the Canadian version, I won a majority government with ~160 seats playing as Stephen Harper. The first time I played the British version I won 323 seats - just barely short of a majority - playing as David Cameron. So, with both games, my first try was quite successful. However, since those early tries, with the exception of one isolated game on the Canadian version, I've not come close to repeating that success. I routinely get scalped by Labour in the British version, and though I still sometimes win a minority government on the Canadian version, I seem to struggle getting past 120.

I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I run ads (especially as the Conservatives in the British version, as they have money to burn), I barnstorm and give speeches in key battleground areas, I spin news, you name it, I've tried it. Often, I'll run strong for 3 or 4 weeks, and then things totally collapse. The most puzzling thing is that sometimes when the collapse happens, my momentum is through the roof, and the opponent's is in the cellar - sometimes in double digits.

So, for those of you who are much better at these games than I am, what am I doing wrong? Is there anything you can pinpoint? And why does the direction of the campaign go so far opposed to the momentum of the candidates? (BTW, that seems to mostly happen to me in the British version, though it does occasionally happen in the Canadian version.)

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I tried those tips on the Canadian version of the game, and everything went much better - until 3 days out. I went from 146 seats to 116. I did win a minority government at least.

Bad end result, but for the most part, the game went much better. I made it a lot further before my collapse.

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If you wanted to try some easier scenarios- UK '83 and '87 might be good ones to start with, playing as Margaret Thatcher.

I'll try that. Even though I was disappointed with the outcome last night, I was pleased that I got further before it happened. We'll see what happens with those UK scenarios.

Edit: I found the 1987 scenario at the Theory Spark website, but not the 1983. Did I overlook it, or is there somewhere else I need to look?

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Thanks. Got it.

I played as Thatcher on the 1987 scenario, and while I fell a bit short of the goals (the goals are 377 seats and 43%; I got 360 seats and 41%), It was much improved. In spite of a few scandals, my momentum spent very little time in negative territory, and I kept Labour's momentum sub-zero for the last three weeks. All-in-all rather successful, I feel.

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