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Issues in Congress Forever 2010

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Here are some ideas:

1) Replace Iraq with Afghanistan

2) I would raise the initial profiles of Abortion, Social Security, and Healthcare. On the latter, I might relabel it Obamacare or Health Care Reform, and tailor it to the 2010 elections. Immigration and Outsourcing also have higher roles this year.

3) Replace Business and Personal Tax categories with a singular one focused on the Bush Tax Cuts.

4) Possible additional topics: Tea Party, Ground Zero Mosque, Birtherism.

5) Possible topics to remove: Gun Control, War on Terror.

I'm not that great at creating distinguishable positions for all 7 types.

Are we going to have endorser groups in Congress Forever? Deciding which groups to include might help decide your issues, and vice versa.

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I agree with Obamacare/Healthcare reform and Opposition to President Obama being in there. I also think there should be an overall "Direction of Country" issue as well. I was trying to find a specific name for what I think is the general sense of mistrust/cynicism out there about the government by many voters and I think this issue is a good way of implementing it.

Also I think the economy and especially unemployment should have a much, MUCH greater impact on the game than it currently does. We should see random news stories such as "Unemployment remains high" "Still over 9%" "Boehner: Has Stimulus Failed?" Whether fair or unfair, the incumbent party usually takes a hit in a bad economy and right now the Dems seem to get a free pass on it which to me is not realistic.

In a perfect world for me, just like there you had the Economy rating on the main screen of P4E08 I'd have both the economy as well as President Obama's approval rating there having an impact on the elections.

Also: fewer undecided voters as we get closer to election day. Typically see 20% or more a few days before an election and usually pollsters like including "lean" voters rather than undecideds. In other words pressing an initial "undecided" voter and asking which candidate he is leaning towards to then include that in the totals.

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