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Texas Gubernatorial 2010


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Since there is a distinct lack of any Texas elections for P4E+ and considering the 2010 Gubernatorials are coming up pretty quickly, I thought it a good idea to get some steam for the Texas 2010 Gubernatorial.

So, here's my preliminary list of candidates:


Rick Perry

Kay Bailey Hutchison

Debra Medina

Larry Kilgore

George W. Bush

Carole Keeton Strayhorn


Bill White

Kinky Friedman

Farouk Shami

Felix Alvarado

Alma Aguado

Clement E. Glenn

Solomon Ortiz

Barbara Ann Radnofsky


Kathie Glass

Jeff Daiell

Note that italicized candidates are auto-off, but I think I'll include them for those who don't care so much for just real candidates and want to have a little fun. If there is support for some other reasonable candidates, we can throw them in too! Also, I don't plan on including the Green Party because, well, we know how extra third parties can be!

Now, here are the issues I've come up with so far:

Washington Politics

States' Rights

Health Care


Border Security

Illegal Aliens


Property Tax

Business Tax





Same-Sex Marriage

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

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I think I know now why no one has bothered to create a Texas scenario. The map is going to be hellish. The counties (political units) are so small and numerous that they may not even be able to hold the two-letter codes I just spent three hours formulating.

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The way you have them organized in regional groups doesn't look terribly horrid, honestly. I've been wondering if it might be a better idea to just leave off the political unit text? It would make the map a lot cleaner, if slightly less interesting, and it's easy enough to just click on each county to see what's going on there.

I can't wait to play your scenario! and I'm really glad I don't have to go through creating the whole thing myself now either. By the way, if you don't want to go to the bother of making the candidate images, I've already got the bulk of my list put together.

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