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Election 1920


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I hoping to start work on this election heres some canidates


Warren G. Harding

Leonard Wood

Frank Lowden

Hiram Johnson

William C. Sproul

Nicholas Murray Butler

Calvin Coolidge

Robert M. La Follette

Jeter C. Pritchard

Miles Poindexter

Howard Sutherland


* James M. Cox

* William G. McAdoo

* Alexander M. Palmer

* Al Smith

* John W. Davis

* Edward I. Edwards

* Woodrow Wilson

Any thoughts on issues endorsers and other things comment

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Woodrow Wilson was kind of, um, comatose at that point, wasn't he? I mean, I guess there's no harm in putting him off by default, but the stamina should be, well, it should be zero, but at the most a one. Likewise, various other penalties etc.

And the tricky thing here is the way Harding was such a dark-horse, convention-brokering candidate. I wonder if there would be a way to simulate that? Like giving him massive amounts of PIPs, but not a whole lot of actual likely delegates of his own?

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