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Caribbean Republic - 2010


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Hello all, I am new here, but have played the games for a little while now. Right now, I'd like to introduce my very first scenario, Caribbean Republic 2010. Caribbean Republic is supposed to be a very diverse nation of about a million people and a former British Colony with a distinctly British flavor, with an American edge. This is my very first scenario, it took me over week of trial and error to make and I've tested it out a few times to make sure there are no bugs, but if anyone runs across any, please let me know. Here it is. :) (all right, re-uploaded and ready to go)


And just for fun, a constituency map to show the state of the parties in Caribbean Republic. It's a three-party system, close to how it is in UK. 162 seats, 5 regions (Devon, Mecklenberg, Midlands, Pentlands and Rus)


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It looks really good, as not a lot of scenarios based on the Caribbean were made except for Antigua and Barbuda (based on a real election) and the fictional micronations of Alexandria and Santos. You could also add Belize, which some people consider a Caribbean country.

Also, the three parties system in interesting as in the UK and Canada, as not a lot of Caribbean countries have a three parties system, with a few Caribbean states having a two-parties system (like Jamaica or even Puerto Rico) or a system based on the different parties for different islands (like St. Kitts and Nevis).

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It's a very good first attempt, and it makes a nice change from the usual 4-6 party system of most other fictional scenarios out there. Can't fault much apart from the candidate photo dimensions -some are too big - the correct dimensions are 75x87 in pixels. Candidate attributes seem alot linear, like all 5's and 4's, i would usually have a little more variety with 9 candidates, some could just have more exposed weaknesses in certain categories.

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