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Alabama Governor Scenario Error, Please Help


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I started working on a scenario on the 2010 Alabama Governors race. After I found out that I would have to draw the map, I began not to do it. I am not an artist and I have never drawn anything in paint before, but I tried anyway and the map turned out alright for my first try. Here is a picture of it.


The mao is based on Alabama's congressional districts (its not exact but close enough that no one would be able to tell by just looking at it). I added all of the governor candidates and re-sized their pics to 75x87 and 32x32. It took me all day to get the maps and candidates to work. However, I eventually got them work and played a quick games with them. The only thing that I needed to do was change the issues, change the election dates, edit their positions, and edit the way different districts stand on different issues.

I edited the issues and I removed Iran, Iraq, Outsourcing, Homeland Security, and Social Security because they are more national than state and plus they are redundant on the state level since War on Terror is already there and it encompasses all of that. I added Transit, Crime, Religion, and Gambling. All four are top issues in Alabama. Everything seemed to be working fine and the issues showed up in the candidate editor. However, I got an error when I tried to play the game reading "Access Violation at address 004C962F in module 'p4e.exe'. Write of address 00000024".

I know some people have reported that error before, and I actually got it earlier, however, it was probably because my candidates were not set to "default". I am not sure why I am getting it now and I have quad-triple checked and ensure that everything is fine.

It could be that I have 1 less issue since I removed 5, but only added 4. I am going to try to add 1 more issue and see if it works, but in the mean time if anyone know what the problem is please help.

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