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US-UK Union 2012

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US-UK Union 2012

Scenario Background:

Tony Blair won in 2008 after Clinton dropped out and endorsed him - effectively denying Obama the nomination. He has governed as a centrist but has taken some radical measures such as a massive stimulus package. Although Unemployment briefly spiked the stimulus package managed to bring unemployment down to manageable levels. By 2012 the economy has effectively recovered and a feeling of normalcy has returned. Is it morning in America yet again for the Democrats - or is it a false dawn?

Scenario Intro:

President Blair's term as President of a United America and Britain was by all accounts a success and he steps down with a moderate approval rating. The Democratic Party field is narrowly led by Vice-President Clinton as Barrack and Brown struggle to chip her lead. Meanwhile the Republican race is heating up as the 'big tent party' becomes a big pub brawl.


Democratic-Labour Party

Vice President Hillary Clinton (favoured establishment candidate)

Barrack Obama (insurgent grassroots candidate)

Gordon Brown (UK Favourite Son Candidate)

Dennis Kucinich (Perrenial left-wing Gadfly)

Republican-Conservative Party:

Prime Minister David Cameron

Governor Sarah Palin

Former Governor Mitt Romney

Former Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

Former Governor Mike Huckabee

Congressman Ron Paul

Enjoy - please give any feedback so I can make improvements!


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