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Two projects


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Caledonia is coming along slowly but surely.

However, I have two projects in mind:

The first scenario is a fictional UK Coalition Leadership Election in 2020, based on an alliance between the Tories, Labour (except a few more left-wing MP) and Lib Dems based on the massive rise of the BNP which have now 35% at the polls.

There will be four candidates:

-Patrick Green= Centrist Tory MP who has a strong support from the ecological movement and among the New Tory members.

-Sarah Hall= Is considered a part of a libertarian wing of the Lib Dems, as a economical and social liberal.

-Jim Smith= As a Frank Field candidate like in the Parallel Universe, Smith had been to the Leader Party for all his life but had strong connections to the Conservative Party and this with the fact that he is one of the most pro-free market figures of the Labour Party.

-Ed Pratt= A former UKIP supporter now with the Tories, Pratt had been after that an Independent European MP and a strong eurospectic based along with his pro-free market and social liberal views.

The second scenario, is a Nouvelle Gaule (an island in the middle of the Atlantic) scenario based on current French parties (with logos and such) but with different leaders based on a parliamentary German system:

These would be the parties:

UMP= Paul Lebel

PS= Claudette Leroux

Modem= Jean Ross

Europe Écologie= Marc Ramirez

Front National= Horace Wagner

Front de Gauche= Mohammed Kassar

Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste= Thomas Dupuis

Libertas= Marc Simard

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