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Advertising costs

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After some experimentation, I've figured out the formula for determining how much ads cost to run in each state. It's (Money Coefficient * Ad Cost Coefficient * Eligible Voters) / 2000. For example, in the default 2008 scenario the Money Coefficient is 100 and the Ad Cost Coefficient for TV ads is 0.5. California has 23751558 Eligible Voters. (100 * 0.5 * 23751558) / 2000 = $593788, which is exactly what it costs to run a TV ad in California for one day in that scenario. The game appears to drop all decimals in this calculation (the example I just gave actually gives a cost of 593788.95).

Knowing this formula should make it easier to create scenarios with realistic costs. Start with the Money Coefficient. Whatever number you put there will be the cost of Footsoldiers per day. Crusaders will cost Money Coefficient * 50 each day. Note that Activity Costs are also multiplied by the Money Coefficient, but unlike Footsoldiers and Crusaders they are editable. Ad creation costs are NOT multiplied by the Money Coefficient, whatever you put for the creation cost will be the creation cost. Fundraising Coefficients are pretty much trial and error to get right. The candidate's poll numbers and momentum effect how much they can bring in.

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