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Canadian celebrity challenge-2010


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Note: except for politicized celebrities in Canada (and this especially with the emotive national question in Quebec when quite a lot of personalities had taken sides along the nationalist and non-nationalist sides), a lot of celebrities are apolitical. However, there are quite a few celebrities in the Canadian Senate.


Pamela Wallin

Jacques Demers

Don Cherry

Nancy Greene

Peter Kent

Mike Duffy

Wayne Gretzky


Ken Dryden

Jean Lapointe

Peter Mansbridge

Stephen Clarkson

Ferguson Jenkins


David Suzuki

Greg Malone

Sarah Polley

Sam Roberts

Jian Ghomeshi


Guy A. Lepage

Éric Lapointe

Paul Piché


David Suzuki

Pamela Anderson

Margaret Attwood

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Although Rex Murphy has run for the liberals in past, he also ran for the PCs. I would suggest taking him out of this scenario because its hard to say what is actual political persuasion is. I suggest replacing him with Peter Mansbridge, there is little doubt he is a liberal.

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