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Unfortunately, we currently don't have plans to create a Mac version of President Forever 2008 + Primaries. Please note that you can run Forever games using Bootcamp or Leopard (and a copy of Windows) for Macs.

Anthony Burgoyne

Lead Game Designer


Games that spark the political imagination!

When I used to have a PC, I had this game and I liked it very much. No I have a Mac and it apparently won't download onto a Mac, so I was wondering if anytime soon there would be a version of the game for Macs?

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I'm going to give in. With the Iowa caucuses starting tomorrow I really would like to get this game. The only thing is I'm not really the most tech savvy person on the planet. Could someone help me with getting this for my mac like where I'd need to go to get this and how much that would cost?



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