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Berringsland - 2010

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Hey all,

When the Berringsland election is over on May 31, I'll start work on a Parliamentary scenario for Berringsland. Here is the basic info for the country:

Berringsland is a mid sized country in the southern hemisphere, located east of Australia and north of New Zealand. Berringland is an island nation, with coasts on the Tasman and Coral Seas and the Pacific Ocean. The geographical centre of the country is roughly at 25 degrees south and 160 degrees east.

The country has a total population of just over 6.5 million. The provisional Capital is based at the quiet, provincial town of Madaline, having just been relocated from Clark. In the country's short history, Adelford, the largest city, and Lewiston, the first white settlement, have also served as the capital.

English-speaking whites make up the majority of the population, but there are also significant minorities of Francophones and indigenous 'First Nations'. Small groups of blacks, Asians, German speakers and North Africans also call the island home. Anglican Protestantism in the form of the Church of Berringsland is the main religion.

Berringsland is nominally a member of the Commonwealth, although relations have soured in past years. The Head of State is still Queen Elizabeth II in name only , represented by Governor-General Reginald .C. Fitzwilliam. The flag still incorporates the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant, along with a distorted southern cross.

Although classified by the World Bank as an Upper Income country, Berringsland has many economic problems. Income inequality is high, vast areas of the north remain undeveloped and years of protectionism mean that businesses are uncompetitive. The currency is the Berringsland dollar ($BLD).

Years of dictatorship have been ended by the December Revolution and for the most part order has been restored. However, some areas of the country are still in turmoil and a permanent solution will have to be found for the Loyalist militias that are holding out in the wilderness.

Berringsland is taking its first steps towards democracy with the establishment of a Provisional Government. The new government is based on the Westminster model and elections are due to be called within a matter of months, taking place under a First Past the Post electoral system.


Christian Democrats

New National Party

United Left

Liberal Republican

Movement for Social Democracy




New Sussex






Norfolk Island

New Caledonia

Northeastern Territories


Armed Forces Reform

Church and State




Free Trade





Land Ownership



Police Reform

Political Prisoners



Regional Government

Stolen Generations

Tax and Spend

Workers Rights

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Surely there is no MSD. Perhaps this poses the "RFK problem" from the 1968 scenario.

They were around for the first few days of the election, but have folded halfway there. It will be an "RFK problem," but it gives you at least more choices than 4 parties.

Are you in the game? Which character are you?

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